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diagnóstico comunitario, Granadillo

diagnóstico comunitario, Granadillo

the past four months, i've been facilitating a community needs assessment process in Granadillo, a rural community in La Dalia, Matagalpa. working alongside the comité comunal, an active group of 15-25 members - men and women of all ages - and my compañero Gilbert, a Promotor de Salud with Acción Médica Cristiana (AMC), we've: generated a mission statement for the community committee, created a written history of the community (based on oral histories collected from long-time residents), identified and prioritized community needs and problems, and brainstormed about resources available to resolve those problems. due to my increasing collaboration with the two migration-related organizations i'm working with in managua, i felt i had to bring my volunteer gig with AMC to a close, which really meant bringing my work with the community to a sort-of conclusion. yesterday i gave a mini class of sorts on research methods that the comité could use to investigate community problems, explaining the difference between qual and quant (all my anthro friends know russ bernard would be proud!). i'm pictured here with hermano salvador (we are tabulating problems listed by community members) - salvador is the president of the comité comunal and leader of the local catholic "church" (a group of people who meet on the same patio in front of his house where we are seated in the photo and where we held all our community meetings). also pictured are a gallo (rooster) and cerdo (pig): can you find them?!

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