Kristin in Nicaragua

desde managua

saludos desde managua. for those who know this city, i’m sitting in a Café Latino located at km. 8 carretera sur, near the casa Quinta Primavera guest house where i’m staying these first few weeks while I get situated. managua feels somewhat familiar - with its impossible-to-walk streets, expansive sprawl, and plethora of plazas where you can now access internet free for the price of a small capuchino (21 córdobas, or about $1 USD), thankfully though, no starbucks in sight! in fact, walking on the streets here as a woman requires putting up with all kinds of tsk tsks, not to mention the near constant sweat that the high humidity and blazing equatorial sun causes. needless to say, i’ve found places to run and take spin classes, and maybe even a cyclist who can hook me up with a group ride on weekends (shout out to all my cycling friends who told me to bring my bike!) in the short term, i’m working on developing my contacts here in managua, especially helpful have been the women in the offices of the UN population fund, and basically getting myself hooked up with institutions and organizations working on migration issues. there seems to be consensus that not enough is known about the impacts of mother migration on families here, and particular interest in understanding those psycho-social and emotional dimensions of the problem, since most research has been quantitative and survey (census) based. so, i forge on with my plans, despite the heat, the humidity, and the need to slowly develop trusting relationships. i miss all of you, especially my cat salvador, whom, my mom informs me, is now sleeping snuggled up in his new bed beside her dog brinca. peace, love, and blessings a tod@s.

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Rebekah -

You've found spinning classes?!

Sarah -

I'll be in touch regarding the run spots :) Glad to learn that you're diving into networking things are moving along well so far. See you there SOON!
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