Kristin in Nicaragua

Community Needs Assessment

Community Needs Assessment

In La Dalia, AMC has asked me to facilitate a Diagnóstico Comunitario, or community needs assessment. Back to my roots in Public Health and Community Organizing! It feels so natural for me to do this work... I'm accompanied by Gilbert, a 17-year-old AMC promotora de salud (health promoter), energetic, committed, and passionate about serving his community. How fantastic it is to see the world through the eyes of a young person again - so hopeful about the future and his ability to contribute to development in his community. We are working with the Comité Comunal (community committee) in a rural community called Granadillo No.2, in the municipality of La Dalia. We have just begun the process of the Diagnóstico, which includes several steps, including defining the mission of the community committee and writing a history of the community. This latter activity is what community leaders in the attached photo are engaged in. More to come...

peace & love, kristin

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