Kristin in Nicaragua

Niños, Ochomogo

Niños, Ochomogo

I now have two families in my study in Ochomogo, a dry, hot, dusty, windy community in the volcanic lowlands of Rivas, about an hour and a half bus ride from Managua. I spent the day yesterday with Juana and her family. Pictured are Juana’s esposo, Pedro, and her nietos: Elizier and Loryi. Juana and Pedro have two daughters and one son who are living and working in Costa Rica (the son in construction, the daugthers in domestic service). Juana describes migration as necessary for the survival of Ochomogo families, who have few other economic alternatives, although she laments being separated from her children (and from two grandaughters who recently left her household to live with their parents in CR). On a happier note, Elizier is a smart, friendly, helpful, and polite 11 year old who is great at playing and taking care of his 3 y.o. cousin, Loryi. (And for those who know my little guy Salvador, you’ll notice the resemblance with their cat, who I wanted to take home with me!)

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Angela -

I love the photo of these children and their names too. They are lovely. Nice work.
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