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survey of costa rican attitudes towards migrants

Just to follow up on my earlier post, a story in the Nicaraguan daily newspaper La Prensa in June '09 reported the results of a national survey in Costa Rica, conducted by researchers at IDESPO at the Costa Rican National University. 54% of those Costa Ricans surveyed felt that immigration generates delinquency and other social problems, while 17% felt that migrants take jobs away from Costa Ricans, and 13% thought migration absorbs state resources. However, the same survey found 54% of Costa Ricans believe that migrants do necessary jobs for a lower wage than Costa Ricans themselves would. I share these findings just as a way of supporting the impressions of Patricia posted a few days ago, along with many other migrants and family members we have interviewed, who have shared experiences of discrimination in Costa Rica.

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are you going to compare this with how americans feel about mexican migrants?
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