Kristin in Nicaragua

ON AIR at Radio Universidad

ON AIR at Radio Universidad

La Mochila Viajera ("The Traveling Backback") is the name of Servicio Jesuita para Migrantes' weekly radio program on 102.3 Radio Universidad, the public radio station of Managua's Universidad Centroamericana. Friday April 30th I helped prepare a radio program focusing on the experiences of two daughters of mother migrants in the families in my study (pictured here are: on the left, Laleska, 11 years old, and Marbella, 14). The girls were GREAT! We had prepared our dialogue ahead of time, and they had rehearsed their responses to the questions I would ask them on air. We were all a bit nervous when we arrived at the studio, the first time any of us had been inside a radio station, but we quickly relaxed and fell into the dialogue we had prepared, which focused on their experiences and opinions about migration, specifically mother migration and its impact on young people like themselves. Needless to say, I was SO PROUD of "my girls", whom I have grown very close to over the past few months. They were excellent, articulate, smart, and self-confident, and really expressed both the challenges of living as children of mother migrants as well as their ability to cope and get ahead despite these challenges: you go girls! (I think you can find the program archived at - check it out.)

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rebekah -

k - you look so happy!

kate -

hi! awesome project (your blog just came up in my google news alert for nicaragua!). I was on a fulbright in mexico (tijuana) in 2008 and have been living in managua since I finished. your topic is fascinating and a topic that more attention needs to be paid to. kudos! i'll be reading more of your archives as I have time... great blog!

Ana Paula -

I forgot if you are focusing on the children of mother migrants or if you included children of father migrants as well. The girls look adorable and happy about being on the radio!
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