Kristin in Nicaragua

dodgers y vicente

with apologies for those of you who don't care about sports (or hate the dodgers)... but to all you sports fans, headlines in today's nicaraguan national newspapers read: "brilló padilla" (padilla shined) and "Nervios de Acerco" (Nerves of Steel). vicente padilla pitched eight innings in last night's dodgers' victory and back home nicaraguans are filled with pride. padilla was born in the state of chinandega and pitched for the nicaraguan national team before joining MLB. a cumbia video homenaje to him can be found at: the globalization of professional sports connects me to my home team. go dodgers! 

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Rebekah -

You're so compleja -- I never imagined you as a baseball fan. But then again I'm coming from Chicago where I view most of the Cubs fans to be drunk suburban people.
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