Kristin in Nicaragua

misa campesina

sunday i went to see katia cardenal perform the misa campesina nicaragüense in a free concert in the plaza las americas. Katia is an amazing nicaraguan canto-autora (singer-songwriter), founder of one of my favorite musical groups, dúo guardabarranco. the misa campesina was originally written by carlos mejía godoy and inaugurated in 1975 and draws on nicaraguan folk music (música del campo) to create a score full of allusions to social justice and essentially based on the liberation theology that emerged in response to the Second Vatican Reconciliation. i don't know the religious history well, but this music recalls the heart and soul of the sandinista revolution (and was oficially banned at one point); when sung by Katia, it is absolutely beautiful and awe-inspiring. check out more about Katia's music at her website:

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