Kristin in Nicaragua

yes it's hot

a friend of mine in san diego said he looked up the weather and was surprised to find it was 95F here. that's a good day. it's hot. all the time. like get out of the shower and sweat hot. stand in whatever shade you can find and still sweat, hot. drink water all day and still be dehydrated, hot. sweat and shower and sweat again all day, hot. some lucky enough to work in a/c offices or drive around in their a/c cars. the vast majority of the rest of us just walk, stand in the blaring sun at the bus stop, sweat in the vinyl seats of taxi cabs, lay on the top of our sheets with fans on full blast at night and still get no sleep, and generally suck it up. it's even hotter now, since it's the dry season, no rain anywhere this side of the pacific since early december. everything once green is now brown and DRY. people still burn trash all the time, and i worry a blaze is going to catch and light all the empty lots on fire one day. but the trash burners know what they're doing, i think. i also can't figure out what season it is. we just finished "summer" vacation (dec and jan) from school, but now people say it's "winter" and that "summer" will start after semana santa (last week of march). that's, they say, when it will get "really hot". great.

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Nicamer -

your description of heat reminds me of the same heat we felt in La Paz, Mexico, where it was SO HOT, that even for an island boy like myself, I had to run to the nearest shade and trust me, I can normally take a lot of heat. But yeah, if it's hot already and it's only winter, brace yourself for their "summer" heat. it will burn your underwear off! LOL.
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