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more interviews and big watermelons

more interviews and big watermelons

in the past few days, i've been able to complete interviews on the "pensar mucho" comlex with four grandmothers in my study. last week, i did two interviews in managua; today i took the trip to the rural community of ochomogo, about 75km outside managua, and completed two more interviews. the results are very interesting; for me, one of the most interesting things remains how women's explanations and experiences of migration and emotional distress coincide despite rural-urban and other differences. with all these interviews, i'm having a hard time keeping up with field notes, but that's the challenge of fieldwork, balancing data collection, analysis, reflection, and writing (along with other hardships, like the heat, trying to receive mail from the US, and losing your debit card - but that's a story i will leave out of this post!). sometimes i feel i'm drowning in all the data i'm collecting, but soon i hope to make some time to look more carefully at my notes and interview transcripts and focus more attention on analysis. as a side note: watermelons are in full season right now, so on the way home from ochomogo, we stopped on the side of the road and bought some sweet, ripe, red, and juicy watermelons: the biggest at 30 córdobas (about $1.50); the smallest, the one i bought, at only 5 córdobas (about 25 cents)!!!

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rebekah -

i ate watermelon for breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days straight at one point in my fieldwork. i can't believe you lugged it.

and i can't believe you lost your debit card!!!
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