Kristin in Nicaragua

luis enrique

luis enrique

salsero extraordinaire, returned to his native nicaragua for a set of concerts this week. my friend roxanne (working for Witness for Peace here) and i went last night to the outdoor venue, "Mundo e", for a sold-out 2+ hour show. Luis Enrique was tireless in his presentation of his past decades of exitos, including a homenaje to Salvador Cardenal (Nicaraguan folk singer who passed away this week) with Katia Cardenal (my favorite Nicaraguan singer), a rendition of the famous ballad "Nicaragua, Nicaragüita" that revved the crowd into a frenzy of national pride, and ending with the grand finale of his recent hit, "Yo No Sé Mañana". if you haven’t heard it, download it from ITunes, it’s definitely a jam. paz y amor, k

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i can't dance, but you totally have to take me out dancing with you at least once.
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