Kristin in Nicaragua

Rock & Social Critique

While the Nicaraguan music & culture scene is somewhat limited, socially-conscious local artists definitely exist. The other day on ROCK 105.5 FM in Managua, I heard this "tuani" (cool) alt rock song called "Diakachimba" by a group from León called Punto 5. The song is essentially a critique of Nicaraguan migration to Costa Rica, basically telling young people not to migrate: "Nicaragua es mi lugar..." Check it out! Video in YouTube at:

The hook (for those need translation): "Don't you leave, We are Nicas, They don't want us in Costa Rica; They don't tell you 'Pura Vida' any more, but here we are pure 'de a cachimba' -or - 'Diakachimba'." "Pura vida" is a national saying in Costa Rica; a rough translation of "Diakachimba" might be "super cool" -- anyone with a better translation, please comment it! 

For those interested, the entire album of local rock artist Perrozompopo can be downloaded free at his site: A favorite song of mine is "Pasando Más" - captures well my feelings about living in Managua.

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